VUTU presents

The future of telematics insurance

The only self powered insurance telematics device.

No wiring. No specialist fitting.

Patented technology.

Why VUTU ?


It’s Powerful

The only self-powered telematics device. Powered by light.
Using the latest GPS + Accelerometer microtechnology
Leading edge design, just 1cm thick.
Designed in Britain. Fully featured.


It’s Intelligent

Driver behaviour analysed to reduce your insurance premiums.
It can detect a collision and call for assistance.


It’s Simple

Installed in seconds. No wiring changes required.
No specialist fitting required. Attaches to your windscreen.

Low cost

Cheaper than wired-in devices
Pay over the term of the device
Data costs included

Easy install

No wiring necessary
No messy install
Installed in seconds


Solar powered
Patented technology
British design

VUTU for Drivers

Pay less for your car insurance

Drivers with a VUTU box can receive up to 70% off their vehicle insurance policy.

What is VUTU ?

The VUTU box is a small self-powered device that attaches to the windscreen of your car to gather telematics about your driving behaviour.

Telematics ?

In simple terms, telematics means sending computer based information over long distances with the help of global positioning satellites (GPS).

What VUTU gathers

  • The time of day or night you drive
  • The speed you drive at on different sorts of road
  • If you brake or accelerate sharply
  • If you take breaks on long journeys
  • Your motorway miles
  • Your total mileage
  • The total number of journeys you make

This information is used to work out how safely you drive. If you’re a safe driver you could see a discount at renewal.



If the VUTU box fitted to your car senses a strong impact on the vehicle, it sets off an alarm at our HQ.

Our team will look at the data from the box to understand more about what has happened. We can then help you if necessary, which in some serious cases may involve contacting the emergency services.

The information from the box can also help in processing a claim. The data includes:

  • Time and place of the accident
  • Force of impact on the vehicle
  • Direction of travel at the time of impact
  • Speed of the vehicle prior to and after the time of impact


VUTU for Insurers

The VUTU revolution

Historically there have been two ways to install telematics into customer vehicles:

  • 1. Hard-wired device, installed by an engineer.
  • 2. Device that plugs into the OBD port.

Why not Hard Wired

Hard-wired devices are expensive, costing over £120 to install. That alone restricts their application to only the most expensive/high risk policies.

It can take several weeks before an engineer visit can be made to fit the device. Those first few weeks of driver unfamiliarity can pose an increased risk of claims, at a time when no telematics is active.

The device needs to be connected into an existing wiring loom, which brings issues such as vehicle warranty invalidation and potential claims for damage to the vehicle electronics

Why not OBD

The point of telematics is to track the activity of a vehicle at all times. An OBD device can be unplugged and “left at home” by the policy holder.

Not every vehicle has an accessible OBD port, particularly older vehicles.

Why VUTU ?

The VUTU device does not require wiring-in, does not require an external electricity supply, will not invalidate a vehicle warranty, cannot be removed without raising an alarm, and can be fitted to any vehicle.

Telematics comparison

  VUTU OBD Wired
Installation cost £0 £0 £120
Invalidates warranty No No Yes
Policy-to-install time 1 day 1 day 2 weeks
Fits all vehicles Yes No Yes
Removable by policyholder No* Yes No
Drains vehicle battery No Yes Yes

*Insurer alerted if device is removed.


VUTU for Fleet management

Not your typical telematics box

VUTUs patented design is a fit-and-forget solution:

  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • Self powered, no power supply required or OBD connector
  • Does not affect wiring loom of vehicle
  • Cannot be removed without raising a notification

Run your fleet more efficiently

VUTU provides a suite of tools to manage your fleet:

Driving behaviour – track vehicles to ensure that each driver is driving to optimum standards and fuel efficiency. It will also expose dangerous or careless drivers.

Geofencing – ensure fleet drivers keep to selected areas and routes which are chosen for their efficiency. If a driver deviates from the route, the fleet controller can be alerted and can contact the driver.

Servicing and maintenance – plan your servicing and general upkeep of fleet vehicles by having specific data about their exact mileage and usage.

Mapping – allowing you to replay a drivers movements and driving as if you were the driver.


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